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The Year 2007

will be one to remember.

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Living life one day at a time.

1. Put someone else before myself at least once a day.
2. Do something that makes me happy at least once a day.
3. Fill up the scrapbook Jason made me, and make another one. Take more pictures.
4. Better my relationship with my parents. Give them a chance.
5. Focus on the optimistic side.
6. Be less idle, and more productive.
7. Explore the world both locally, nationally, and globally. Or make a true effort to ensure that I travel sometime in the future by signing up for missionaries or volunteer projects, or enrolling to study abroad.
8. Keep in touch with my family and friends, and spend more time with them.
9. Expand my literature by reading more books, watching more movies, and watching more plays/musicals/concerts.
10. Spend my money wiser, and save it better.
11. Depend on God throughout all of it, and learn to fully trust in Him, and follow His will.